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Bertrand "TRAMB" DG

Grenoble - France

40 years - graphic designer - music - mountain - family

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40 years - graphic designer - music - mountain - family

I am a graphic designer by trade. Drawing has been an integral part of my life since I was young. I learned to draw alone by scribbling on an envelope or in the corner of a notebook… My world is filled with characters, more or less realistic, always quite crazy and often trashy. I started street art in 2011 by drawing a few characters with a marker, adding details on panels, on posters. Quickly, I opt for the sticker because it is a medium that I love.

Almost all of my creations are handmade drawings (pencil - ballpoint pen) and a few directly created on the computer. my large format stickers compile all of her personal influences and I also bring the drawings of her young children to life, and at this level creativity has no limits! Surprising results guaranteed!